رواد أعمال صغار

  • Competition Name:
  • Date and time:
    1-4 February 2024 between 10 am to 3 pm
  • During the Main Event:
    National Science and Technology Innovation (NSTI) Festival
  • Location:
    Dubai Festival City Arena
  • Who can participate?
    All Students (KG1 to Grade 4) from all UAE Government and Private Schools.

What is the Competition?

A fully integrated competition aims to promote the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation and implant the spirit of the initiative at an early stage. The competition facilitates communicating the idea of entrepreneurship and trading to the kids. It provides them with basic entrepreneurial skills by allowing participants to experience entrepreneurship in a competitive environment. The competition will teach the kids financial literacy, how to deal with customers, selling skills, the meaning of saving, and creativity in a unique way, especially in entrepreneurship. Students will be provided with small kiosks during the competition to sell their products and have an outstanding experience in the world of entrepreneurship.

Competition Focus Skills

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Passion
  • Effictive Communication
  • Commitment
  • Planning
  • Social Skills
  • Discover opportunities
  • Knowledge

How many will participate in the challenges at Festival?

A final list of 24 students will represent each group from the following groups ( KG1&2, G1&2, and G3&4)

Is there an entry fee?

No. There is no charge to enter the Competition.

How will the students participate?

  • Students wishing to participate will record a simple video under the supervision of the school coordinator or parent.
  • The school coordinator or parent registers the student through the registration link (all required data must be completed to complete the registration process).
  • The school coordinator or parent uploads the video before completing the registration process.

Students should record video according to the guidelines/specifications below:

  • Duration no longer than 60 seconds.
  • Videos must be uploaded as one single file of the highest quality.
  • Student should show clearly in adequate lighting.
  • Sound effects may be used.
  • Kindly don’t use any copyrighted material unless the author authorizes it
  • The video should include:
    1. Name, age, and student short Bio
    2. Brief about the project idea, how this idea has been selected, highlight the main distinguishing features of your idea, your target audience, and the value you will present for your target audience".

What are the terms and conditions of the competition?

  • Consent of the student guardian to participate
  • Parents are obligated to follow up with their children during the competition period, with the need for facilities with children.
  • No objection of the guardian to photograph the student during the competition and publish the photos on the Ministry official social media channels
  • Participation is open to all nationalities
  • The video of the competition should be sent to the school coordinator
  • Fill out the competition registration form
  • The number of participants in each project should not exceed one participant, maxiumem2 participants
  • Participants are allowed to bring sponsors to the projects, but it is strictly forbidden to market or sell sponsors products or services during the carnival.

What are the available categories?

Clothing and accessories, drawing and photography, embroidery, engraving on wood, drawing on mirrors and glass, heritage products, heritage clothes, tools for heritage and traditions of peoples around the world, all products for health except medicines, recycling products, environmental awareness products, renewable energy, educational products, tools for education and modern teaching aids, educational toys, accessories and home decorations, antiques and gifts, information technology, intelligent applications, programming. Note that it is forbidden to participate in the idea of buying and selling animals, products containing helium, activities that require heat or emit gases, or homemade or ready-made foodstuffs

Does the student eligible to participate in the competition need to prepare or prepare in advance?

The selected (qualified) students will be trained to equip them with the necessary entrepreneurial skills to participate effectively in the competition.

How will the competition be implemented?

  • After completing the registration process, qualified students are selected
  • A Bootcamp is held to provide students with the necessary skills
  • Students participate in the competition during the festival for four consecutive days
  • Students can sell ready products in their booth. Nevertheless, since we are fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, the kids can add some innovative features to the products, for instance, in packaging, designing a brand name for the product---Etc.
  • A committee of evaluators evaluates the performance of the participating students during the participation period
  • The evaluation committee selects winners
  • Winners will be honored during the honoring ceremony on February 5 as part of the closing ceremony of the festival

The students are required to:

  • Bring their products according to their project idea recorded in the video.
  • Be committed to the competition time and attend every day during the competition.
  • Dress up in their school uniforms
  • Optional: can create their project brand

The competition will provide all the students with:

  • Full-designed kiosk to sell the products
  • Receipt books
  • Designed trade license (Not an official license, only to convey the trading message to the students)
  • Certificates and medals to all the participants
  • Note: After the end of the Festival, the winning students will be contacted to enable them to develop their projects to launch into the world of entrepreneurship.

How will students be judged?

During the competition, students will be evaluated according to specific criteria to be determined in advance by the judging panel to assess the skills and abilities of students, such as students’ ability to initiate and innovate, marketing and selling skills, dealing with customers, and financial literacy.

Important Dates:

  • 14 January 2024
    Registration and Video submission Deadline

Data to be collected from submission:

  • School Name
  • School Emirate
  • School Type (Private or Government)
  • Co-ordinators name (as the name in the Passport)
  • Co-ordinators email address
  • Co-ordinators phone number
  • Student name (as the name in the Passport)
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Parents email
  • Student grade level
  • Student Emirates ID
  • 21st January 2024:
    The qualifying students will be invited to attend the training Bootcamp before the competition
  • 5th February 2024:
    The winners will be announced and awarded during the Festival closing ceremony.